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The Internet has been around for some time and some people have been blogging for years. Some blog for fun, others for profit. The world-wide-web has so much to offer for entertainment, business, or whatever else you can imagine!

In the past, I have done a fair amount of writing; most of it before the Internet. At present, I am working on reworking articles for electronic media. Much of my writing has been done with pen and paper. Mastering typing and editing on the computer has presented challenges for me. Maybe you can identify with me on these issues?

Electronic Media

I read that by 2015, most reading will be done without paper! If this is the case, adapting to electronic media presents challenges and opportunities for us all. New gadgets and tools for communicating ideas will become increasingly necessary and available. cites these products as the ones that will share in the proliferation of electronic media.

  • Tablets
  • General purpose e-books
  • e-newspapers
  • e-textbooks
  • e-professional reference books


Since I am behind the curve at this juncture, I've spent much time studying, reading and now, writing about writing for the Internet. Some of the topics I've been working on are:
  • Improving Writing
  • Poetry Writing
  • Flash Fiction Writing
  • Keyword Search
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Using Adwords Keyword Tool

Creative Writing

Many creative writers have begun publishing and selling e-books. This presents many opportunities for these writers to gain a larger audience than ever before, thanks to the Internet.

Recently, I have reworked some poems and short stories that I had written at some point in the past. When I wrote them, I never dreamed that I'd be able to post them to the Internet someday. I never dreamed that someone from the other side of the world read them!

I have written some articles, reviews, stories and poetry on Hubpages the past few months. . Check out my Profile, read some Hubs and visit the Community! Maybe even become an author for Hubpages!

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