A Poet's Practice of the Art

Poetry uses words, ideas, images, sounds, and forms to create a pleasing, pleasurable, sometimes passionate product for the poet and the reader. Poet's must practice the art of poetry for both themselves and their audience. 

I've penned a few poems over the past few weeks in response to posts in Google+ Communities. Someone's words or something posted inspired in me in some way. I'd like to share them with you here.These are today's offerings to those that would read.

I had in mind a poet's role and his audience's role. This is what I wrote.

A poet likes, to take his time,
write in meter, sometimes rhyme.

Some readers like to, readtoofast,


...let the...



© 2013 ajwrites57

This poem was written in response to a post where someone rudely expressed his opinion about poetry. Rudely, I admit with red-face, I replied with this poem.

There once was a man,
who thought poems were dumb.
Maybe for minds,
which are dull 
and are numb.
To him I offer
my nose and my thumb,
To he that thinks
poems are dumb.

© 2013 ajwrites57

This poem describes a lonley poet's life.

A poet's job's to sit and write,
sit and write, day and night.
A poet's job's to gather words,
gather words of trees and birds.
A poet's job, goes on and on,
on and on, from dusk to dawn.

© 2013 ajwrites57

+Jennifer Carpenter listed six words on her Blog and suggested they'd make an interesting combination in a poem. (She wrote one in response to mine on her Blog.)  I used a rhyme scheme with couplets: AA, BB, CC for the first three stanzas, and AA, BB, CC, DD for the last stanza. The first two lines are rephrased in the last two lines.

Whimsical - Subterfuge - Madcap - Capricious - Flex - Sinew - Symmetric

There was a young man with a quirk.
Oft times they called him a Jerk!
His madcap antics amazed,
and capricious acts left you dazed.
Although meant annoy, 
his tricks could also bring joy.

whimsical chap, I assure you.
His quizzical laugh'd amuse, too.
Spin and twirl like a dervish;
he'd make everyone nervous.
Every sinew he'd flex,
your patience he'd vex.

He'd approach from the rear,
By subterfuge, appear.
Symmetric lines he'd encroach,
in secret approach. 
By surprise you'd be taken,
appear visibly shaken.
That's when you'd call him a jerk,
this funny young man with a quirk!

© 2013 ajwrites57

This poem was written in response to something I had posted; can't remember exactly what it was.

Thank you for your thoughtful rhyme,
You made me smile, just in time.
I'm glad you liked my wit and words,
at least it's not just for the birds.

© 2013 ajwrites57

Poetry expresses emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Getting used to playing with words, with images, with ideas is part of the poetic practice. I enjoy writing poems in response to statements or questions posed by others. I just recently discovered this. So, I will continue to practice writing poetry this way. Hopefully, there will be those, like you, to enjoy my efforts.  :o)

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