The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspirational Blogger Award
My friend and author +Glendon Perkins has nominated me for the 
Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Glen is a versatile and compelling writer. He is currently writing a Blog Novel entitled Buried Alive. You can find short stories, poems and random writings on his Blog. He has been interviewed several times by online bloggers. Most of all Glen is an encouraging, engaging, thoughtful friend. Make sure you take some time to discover Glen's website.

These are the writer's who keep the blog-sphere a beautiful place and that I nominate for this Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

+Adrianna Joleigh

+mike rhoades

+Rebecca Brooner

+Katherine Vucicevic

 +Peter Belcher

+Peter Belcher

+Jasveena Prabhagaran

+Teagan Kearney

To accept this Very Inspiring Blogger Award, all I ask is you to share five things you are doing or plan to do this summer.

Five Things I Plan To Do This Summer:

1. Read more books.
2. Swim a few  times a week.
3. Improve my website.
4. Go to see a few movies at the local drive-in.
5. Write a few short stories.

Congratulations to all the nominees of the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Very Inspirational Blogger Award

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