A Poet's Place

A Poet's Place

A Poet's Place, where words will flow,
beneath the candle's yellow glow.
A Poet's Place, where memories grow,
beneath the tall tree's shady bough.

A Poet's Place, a treasured right,
beneath the shining, bright sunlight.
A Poet's Place, by day, by night,
beneath the orb of pale moonlight.

A Poet’s Place, a hidden place,
beneath the secret, inner space.
A Poet’s Place, patient grace,
beneath the shining starlight’s trace.

A Poet’s Place, a stalwart tower,
beneath the evening’s meteor shower.
A Poet’s Place, where pen finds power,
beneath the sundial’s shining hour.

A Poet’s Place, a heart’s remorse,
beneath emotion’s surging course,
A Poet’s Place, a memory’s source,
beneath forgotten, ancient force.

© 2013 ajwrites57
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