The Cave Clan

To quote the geniuses from Monty Python's Flying Circus:
And Now for Something Completely Different 

I came up with the first few lines as a writing prompt to post in a community in which I participate  It promptly was ignored. Well, except for a few comments. 

"Good morning, you epic result of 500 million years of Evolution." +Kevin Moriarty 

"Lol. A cross between Literature and biology with a hint of psychology thrown in :)" +Roerich Warton 

+Aura Burrows has written some similar pieces on her website.

So I continued working on it myself. What do you think?

The Cave Clan

He stood upright, his opposable thumb and hand grasped the large femur bone that he had gnawed clean in the night, and gazed across the grassy plain.

He strode quietly though the encampment, near the cave his clan used to store items which served as a haven for the women and children, in case of attack by beasts or another clan. The fire's embers still glowed from the night's safety fire as the morning sun began its ritual rising over the horizon.

He peered around at his clan who slept around the campfire in the early dawn light. Several mothers suckled their infants. Children snuggled close to their mothers. Lovers cuddled in the cool morning air.

He breathed deep, with satisfaction at this sunrise. It was only been seven sunrises since that fearful day. It had been a morning like every other morning. He had made his usual tour of the clan's encampment. Suddenly, three others with clubs made of the largest bone he had ever seen jumped from the rocks surrounding the camp toward him in the pre-dawn mist. The quick reflexes and keen eye that had served him well throughout his life saved him this day.

From his lips the clan war cry burst forth simultaneously as he swung his club at the first one who had leapt and missed him. His club burst the skull of this one and he scooped up his fallen, massive club. In one motion, he swung it and decapitated the second, doomed assailant. The third had broken his leg in the fall from the height he had jumped. He writhed in pain as the clansmen and clanswomen, twenty strong, arrived to the already completed battle scene.

They gathered to interrogate the wounded would be warrior. He wore a hide of covering. Through a series of sounds, hand motions and grimaces the clan leader found out that the three assailants had gotten the large bones from giant four-legged creatures closer to the setting sun. They trapped it in a large pit and stoned it to death. The gorged themselves on its meat and by using the bones as clubs, conquered other clans. They thought that just three of them could overcome ours. They were wrong.

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