Words are doorways

Words are doorways

Words are doorways,
ways to escape.
Past, present, 
and future await.

Words are portals, 
to ancient, 
long dead places,
or future, mysterious alien races.

Words are windows, 
to open minds,
unshuttered hearts 
unreached parts.

Words are portholes,
to oceans wide,
shores to sail,
waves to ride.

Words are planes,
for boundless souls,
for soaring spirits,
where heaven rules.

Words are passages,
to travel abroad,
trains, planes, cars
or rocket-ships to the stars.

Words are stairways,
to unscaled heights,
sunlit days,
glittering nights.

Words are mazes,
where one gets lost,
why answers sought,
where answers thought.

A world without books,
is a loss of ages,
loss of sages,
like burning libraries,
like Alexandria,
a multi-verse
of worlds
to never visit.

© 2013 ajwrites57
A Long
❤ ❤ ❤ 

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