One Year on Blogger

One Year on Blogger

This week marks the one year anniversary of my Blog on Blogger.
This is my 100th post. My blogging journey has not been what I had expected. 

I’ve been surprised by the fact most of what I have written have been poems! Poems! I knew that I could write poems, but I never thought that I would spend a year reading, learning about and writing as many poems that I have. A few stories emerged from my pen this year. Stories are what I thought I would have spent the past year writing. Instead, I've mostly written poetry. 

(Several stories still sit there, waiting, some almost finished, some ambitious, some just ideas, waiting. The characters are locked away, clamoring for release.) 

Poems have emerged. Some poems have revealed themselves in dreams. Upon awaking, some poems have surfaced and flowed easily, readily, willfully onto the page. Some poems have been inspired by images in posts or by conversations in posts. Others have begun just by phrases or feelings or memories. Most poems have been labored over, emoted over, sweated over. Poems have emerged.

I have written poems about poets, about love and romance, about sadness and grief, about the seasons, about women and men, about Christmas and a few other topics. These I have enjoyed writing immensely! Some of the writing has been cathartic, allowing me to exorcise some dark thoughts and feelings. Some of it has been fond reminiscences about love and the joys and emotions involved in romance. Some of it has evoked strong feelings and emotions. The emotions have been from me and some emotions have been from you, the Readers.

The Readers! Yes, another surprising result of my year long blogging journey has been finding and meeting Readers, Readers of my poetry. I wasn’t sure how my poems would be received. I had written many poems in years past, but hadn’t written many in recent years. Readers have found my poems and have encouraged me by reading my poems. Readers have added their thoughts and feelings to my poems. For the most part, I have had positive feedback about my poetry. I don’t believe I am an expert, but I’m hoping to continue learning, growing and sharing my poems. 

The Readers! Yes, you, the Readers! I have met so many wonderful people on G+ and through my blog. You Readers of my poems, the people I interact with on an almost a daily basis! I am quite grateful for the interaction we have shared, the give and take, the online friendships we share, the laughs we share, and the tears we shed and try to hide.

I thank you all for your Readership and G+ Friendship!

Poets write poems for many reasons. Mainly, I have found, because we have to write poems. Poets write for themselves, for their Readers, for money. Poets write poems because they have found that words themselves have lives and poems want their lives to be shared with the Readers. Poets write poems because the poems have messages that the poems need delivered. Delivered first to the Poet, then to the Reader.

Poems join the ebb and flow of the life of all Poets and Readers. Poems join the flow of humanity from before time to time in eternity. Poems send words and thoughts and meanings to all Mankind. Sent from past, present and to the future. 

Poetry--the word is from the Greek work ”making”.
Poets make Poems, create Poems, release Poems.
Poetry makes Poets and Readers join in Poems.
Poems make Poets and Readers join in meaning.
Poems make meaning real to Poets and Readers.

Thanks again, dear Readers, for this past year. 
Here’s to another year of poetizing and pleasing you, the Reader!

© 2014 ajwrites57
A Long
❤ ❤ ❤

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