Winter's Way

Winter's Way

Snow swirls and settles softly, down.
Frozen ponds and pine trees are painted white.
Winter wind whirls, swirls and twirls
in circles, up and down, in and out.
Drifting snow piles high here and there.
Snow birds flitter, flutter and forage, 
then, hurry to their roosts to nestle.
Bright moon shines and the ice reflects
it's beams between snowflakes and flurries.
December's icy blanket covers field and hills.
Blustery nights turn into biting cold days.
Frosted roads crunch beneath sleighs
led by huffing, puffing mares. 
Mufflers, mittens or gloves cover frigid hands.
Earmuffs, overcoats, and scarves stave off shivers.
Snowbound sledders find space 
to steer down slippery slopes.
Firewood crackles in the fireplace.
Snuggled beneath fleece throws,
we counter polar storms and
ice-kissed frigid gales.
Jack Frost's season overwhelms 
and overblows with solstice ice-flowers.

© 2013 ajwrites57
A Long
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