I miss the most

I miss the most

velvet heart, moonlight kiss
tender passion, what I miss
satin sweetness, warm embrace
flowing feelings, just a trace
silky shyness, pleasure full
porcelain skin, memory's pull
feathery touch, fingertip's play
magic massages, remember the way
furry warmth, cuddle cliche
cozy positions, wish we could stay
downy hair, smothering waves
love to drown, mouth-to-mouth saves
buttery kisses, sensual taste
no left-overs, none to waste
peach fuzz cheeks, sunshine light
smoothest legs, night delight
butterfly kisses, fluttering close
all these things, I miss the most

© 2015 ajwrites57
A Long

Image by Nik Platthy via flickr creativecommons:

arabesque days

arabesque days

azurite beauty
meerschaum life
golden heart, hardened by strife

opal skin
ruby lips
emeralds on her fingertips

moonstone eyes
amber hair
amethyst eye-shade holds your stare

rose quartz body
diamond heart
reflects the hardness she imparts

all the gems she displays
all the facets of her ways
all the sadness which made her days
can these refract new, arabesque days?

© 2015 ajwrites57
A Long
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Peter Richardson via flickr creativecommons

spectral kiss

spectral kiss
the silent echo of a forgotten kiss fills my heart with trembling bliss the surge of love felt from your lips reflects old feelings of love's eclipse
passion's image of days long gone my broken heart has not moved on  velvet kiss's remembered touch from memory's lips, mean so much
subtle pressure from your sweet lips of which i drank long, deep sips heartbeats count them, one by one from rising moon to setting sun
the soothing pleasure of phantom kiss the velvety glory that my lips miss the tender texture of emotion's heights haunt me now in darkest nights
pulsing pleasures from tender lips ancient memories through time, slips each kiss that my memory holds are lost to me now as time unfolds
where we were to where are we now shields us from time's fleeting prow the vessel that bore us with each kiss has shipwrecked our love's eternal bliss
© 2015 ajwrites57
A Long ❤ ❤ ❤ like a dream

Image like a dream
...the breeze slowly pushes you on your cloud and she by drifts on a cloud like a dream and floats through your mind as you watch the day sail by and she smiles and waves on her billowy couch and you smile and your heart begins to race and you suddenly realize her smile is etched into your eyes and your thoughts are surrounded by her image and your heart is branded by her sweet searing smile and you search for the cloud she smiled from and all the clouds look the same and you wish that your cloud could merge with hers and her smile would be with you forever face to face and you frown but her smile you see when you close your eyes makes you smile again and your heart beats faster but aches because her smile has left a scar there and you feel her smile and your heart picks up pace and you wait with longing and hope for her cloud to sail by again with her on her billowy couch and the breeze slowly pushes you on your cloud like a dream...

© 2015 ajwrites57 A Long

you never knew

you never knew 
you never knew that i loved you i watched you make your every move you never knew my heart was yours i wrote you love letters every day you never saw them, they were never sent
you passed me in the hallway at school i melted into a puddle of awe and bliss you never knew i dissolved this way  i went to the mall to smell your perfume  you never knew i loved the way you smelled
you never saw the image i had of you i couldn't draw but i drew pictures of you everyday you never knew i knew your face by heart i memorized the way your lips curled into a smile you never knew i loved your smile
you never knew i was so sad when went with him i wished that was me by your side instead you never knew how good i'd treat you i saw him flirt with girls behind your back you never knew how faithful i would be
you never knew i had a photo of you on my wall i gazed at your yearbook photos for hours on end you never knew i took a photo from your brother  i wished i is was in those p…

50 Shades of Red

❤ 50 Shades of Red 

50 Shades of Red will tell her of your love, the ways you spend your life with her and touch her with velvet glove.

50 Shades of Red will say how much you love her, the things you give to her each day and with gifts you daily shower.

50 Shades of Red will prove your heart is always hers, the times you give her gems and diamonds and shower her with furs.

50 Shades of Red reflect the facets of love you shined, the reflections of your unspoken care and the ways your love's refined.

50 Shades of Red will pave the way for loving future, the times you spend in love with her and how your loving suits her.

50 Shades of Red will make each day a Valentine, the little hearts you send each day, and the ways you love her all the time.

© 2015 ajwrites57 A Long ❤ ❤ ❤