Space Lass

Space Lass

Her astro-suit, stylish simplicity;
her space demeanor fit explicitly.
The sight of her space felicity:
my heart soars with meteoricity,

Starlight reflecting on her face,
sublime beams, amazing space.
Body moved in weightless grace,
my beating heart could not keep pace.

Her smile, the arc of her lips,
the rolling hills of winding hips,
fit so well in tight spaceships.
Again my heart repeated flips.

Our capsule knows implicitly,
our love’s complete complicity.
The power of electricity,
our passion, pulsing synchronicity.

Through the cosmos we race.
Soaring long and far through space.
Home aboard our loving place.
Intertwined hearts with each embrace.

Cabin lights, now soft and low,
her shining face lit in its glow.
With every galaxy we pass,
my love grows for my space lass.

© 2013 ajwrites57
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