Inhaling You

Inhaling You

Soaring through space, there's a place inside,
memories stored, deep within my mind.
Plug into the mnemonic narcolizer and find
stories and scenes long left behind.

Hauling space freight, must be done,
hurling far from Earth-side Sun.
Medic-transport, life-saving run,
will lustrous love survive, or be undone? 

Floating image of our love, translucent touch,
power of our passion, I miss so much.
Swirling in the substance, a phantom I clutch,
the echo of your essence, spectral rush.

I inhale deeply and grasp for you,
this substitute, this memory, will not do;
embracing the past, wishing for you anew.
New lessons of love, remain too few.

Ballets of love, long past performed,
never new loving; new love unformed.
Ecstatic symbiosis not truly formed,
your presence, your bed remains un-warmed

Solace in the past, grown old and stale,
longing for your presence beyond the pale,
No silence for me in this lonesome gale,
Inhaling this substance, in space, epic fail.

Love's sweet memory, left behind,
Love's face fades from my mind.
Saving lives, my skill defined.
Tortured love, the end resigned?

© 2013 ajwrites57
A Long

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