Happy Love

Happy Love! This post is about two poems that I penned about Happy Love! It's also about how I've organized my writing in general.

When I started blogging a few months ago and started reviewing my writings, rewriting, and editing them, the best way I could think of to keep track of them for posting was to separate them into different topics. I have folders for all the writings I'm working on: Ready To Go, Working and To Edit, and sub-folders for poems stories and articles.

I've gone through the Love Poems I've written over the years and have categorized them. The main folder is Love, of course. The next sub-categories I created are In Love and Love Struggle. In the In Love folder I have Strong Love, Happy Love and Ethereal Love. In the Love Struggle folder I have Longing Love and End of Love. There may be other categories for Love but for now, these are the ones that I have utilized at the moment. It also helps me to focus on the emotions expressed or revealed during the different aspects of emotional or romantic love as I write.

I have many different stories, poems and articles started. They are all in folders of some kind. I tell you this because it may help you in your efforts to write and organize your writing. If anyone has any better ideas, please feel free to share! Thanks so much!

Happy Love is the love we feel in sort of the infatuation stage of our love for another person. This Happy Love can and usually is felt at different times of our love for another, but I think primarily is present in the head over heels time of our love. Please let me know how you enjoy these Happy Love poems!

When I think

When I think of you
I go on riverboat rides,
I go on mountain climbs,
I see stars twinklin’
in the night so bright.

Our eyes meet,
our heart hearts touch,
our spirits mingle.

I caress your hands,
I kiss your lips,
I stroke your hair,
I whisper: I care.

elate me

This love sure does elate me,
her face does elevate me,
to somewhere outside the clouds.

This love sure does inspire me,
sets a fire inside me,
makes me cry out loud.

This love sure does thrill me,
my heart does trill within me,
makes me like a giddy child.

This love sure does amaze me,
madly, deeply faze me,
to her my love is vowed.

© 2013 ajwrites57

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