Some Are Drawn

Some Are Drawn

Some are drawn to dark and pain,
enduring, suffering, endless strain.
Hiding, blocking, shunning light,
no escape from loathsome plight.

Some are drawn to joy and light,
smiling, basking, sun’s delight.
Forgetting, healing, cathartic gain,
released from power’s inner pain.

Some are drawn to doom and gloom,
alone with nightmares, lonely room.
Cringing, crying in the dark,
forgetting life’s loving spark.

Some are drawn to hope and sun,
desiring love for everyone.
Reaching, expecting life’s everyday,
anticipating, positive, smiling way.

Some will choose to turn aside,
from selfish, lonesome, blinding pride.
Some will choose the love of life,
trade pain for peace, lose inner strife.

© 2013 ajwrites57

A Long

Pain photo By dpawatts

Joy photo By hotblack

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