Woman Who Wanted A Shoe

This poem is dedicated to +Adrianna Joleigh 

Woman Who Wanted A Shoe

There was a young woman who wanted a shoe.
She started with one, and then she bought two.
With each one she bought, she had to make room.
She cleaned out some space and swept with her broom.
The footwear collection grew so immense,
she added an annex surrounded by fence.
She stacked her moccasins, mukluks and mules,
"Out of my way, I'm shoe hunting, fools!"
She adored sling-backs, slippers and sneakers.
She loved a good pair that'd stun anyone's peepers.
She loved to climb hills in sling-backs and heels.
She'd rather be found in footwear than riding on wheels.
She drew the line at work boots and waders,
those for labor or searching for 'gators.
The shoe fetish's growth was exponential.
The footwear collection reached full potential.
She proudly displays them for mankind to view.

She’ll let you adore them if you donate a shoe.

© 2013 ajwrites57
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