What Is Love?

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When you say ‘love’—what is that?
Yes, love is sometimes here and then gone.
Love cannot be taken for granted.
Love is a mystery.
Why do we fall in love?
Is it how the person looks; the smile or the eyes?
Is love emotional or physical?
How do we fall in love with someone?
Is it spiritual?
Is it chemical? Do pheromones control us?
Is it a feeling? Is it an action?
Is love given freely or given with strings attached?
Is love a fleeting word?
Is it a state
of being?
Is love commitment?
Is love a demand?
Is love free or does it have a cost?
Is love a gift or a curse?
Is love pleasure or pain?
Is love a haven or a trap?
Is love freedom or slavery?
Does love last a lifetime?
What causes love to die?
Is it better to have loved and lost?
Or is it better to have never loved at all?


© 2013 ajwrites57

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