Know what annoys me?

Know what annoys me? Those small, ubiquitous, amorphous pieces of plastic bags annoy me. They turn up everywhere. Yesterday I found one in my wallet attached to a receipt. You know what they are! They can be blue or white or tan or beige. I opened the refrigerator and pulled out a pack of cheese. Guess what was attached! They seem to have magnetic or adhesive or static connections to the oddest objects, in the strangest places. I grabbed a folder of pages I'm trying to whittle down to go paperless and pulled out a page. Lo and Behold! I found a piece of plastic bag. I guess they exist because the plastic bags can never be completely and thoroughly cut. These pieces must hover in space and attach themselves to whatever they can find. I pulled my keys out of my pocket a few minutes ago and guess what I found? Yep! Know what annoys me? These small, ubiquitous, amorphous pieces of plastic bags annoy me.

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A Long

Curly has collected a huge ball of plastic pieces!

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