Vulgar - a word that's hard to rhyme.
For some, vulgarity constitutes a crime.
Being crude is rude of course;
some people just have no remorse
for being gross in prose or rhyme,
speaking, and perverse joking all the time.
Some take pride, no shame they hide.
Unwashed words are spoken in stride.
But I'm not here naming names
of those engaged in coarse word games.
Or those who have a potty mouth,
spewing forth verbs uncouth,
spotty vernacular on display.
Common words are oft’ in play.
Indecent is their very best,
common thoughts their words suggest.
Lowborn language used to slight,
the rest endure this awful plight.
So here I venture to suggest,
“Cease all plebeian, earthy jest!”

(I wrote this on a blog post. I think it was one of +Adrianna Joleigh's out of control postings! I thought I needed to post something, since it has been awhile.)

© 2013 ajwrites57

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