am i not the you you knew?

am i not the you you knew?

where is yesterday's friend, 
the one that vowed to love, to the very end?
where is yesterday's love, the one that vowed eternal love?
is today's friend destined to travel the same path, too?
is today's friend tomorrow's used to be, too?
why do friendships come and go? 
am i the bad guy you used to know?

you took a part of this broken heart, 
a thousand pieces strewn about.
the time we spent, the days we shared, 
it surely seemed you cared.
a person here, a person there, 
now you're gone to who knows where.
once i tried to name you all, 
left me sad, beneath a funerary pall.

 once i tried to forget you all, 
you visit me in my dreams and all.
you visit me there, but never here, 
at times i wake and i'm in tears.
when i wake it hits me that 
forgotten times have turned to crimes.
i knew you once you knew me too, 
now you're gone and you're not you.

am i not the you you knew?

© 2013 ajwrites57
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