As I Settle In

As I Settle In

The sun sets as I settle in, at my desk, to set words to paper.
A warm, gentle, summer breeze gently brushes my face.
I gaze out at the azure, magenta, pink, and yellow sunset.
Gently swaying tree branches are silhouettes against the evening sky.
Letters gather, congregate and gleefully set themselves onto the page.

The first stars twinkle into view as my hand caresses words on the paper.
I breathe the words and lines which appear, as music carries me along.
The soft violin serenades my ears and moves my heart with it.
Images pulse within my brain like a soothing, gentle massage.
Ideas flow through my pen, float and flutter onto the page.

Soft white clouds disappear as dusk slowly pushes lower, toward nightfall.
My nose fills with the fragrant bouquet of the fruit of the grape.
My tongue welcomes the delicious liquid as is passes over my palate.
Senses are heightened and stimulated, as the moon smiles down on me.
Phrases, metaphors, similes saunter coyly onto the page.

The metallic white moon hovers, drifts high in the sky.
Stars appear on the black canvas of the nighttime perfect painting.
The pen flows fluidly forward on the page, posing poetic questions.
My eyes focus fully on the images that rise humbly from the page.
A poem emerges, pleasing, probing, and appealing to the reader’s memory.

© 2013 ajwrites57
A Long
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Photo by: PatriciaEGreen2

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