She carries

She carries

She carries my baby quite low.
Her face shines, a ruddy glow.

She craves a late night meal.
Her face puckers, such appeal!

She has eyes that sparkle and grin.
Her heart’s so big to fit him in.

She writes words in a secret diary.
Her loving still remains quite fiery.

She keeps some thoughts deep inside.
Her smile spreads, deep and wide.

She takes walks at dawn, alone.
Her moods make me smile and groan.

She sometimes laughs then cries,
Her tears bring some to my eyes.

She counts the days on a chart.
Her plans include a blissful start.

She mostly laughs and waits.
Her giggles make me levitate.

She moves with grace, even so full.
Her face puffed with life so whole.

She dreams at night, baby kicks.
Her face belies his stomach tricks.

She sleeps for hours and hours.
Her face goes nova at baby showers.

She fills his room with baby things
Her finger's too big for our rings.

She counts the days until he comes.
Her face smiles, she sits and hums.

© 2013 ajwrites57
A Long
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