My heart, feels

My heart, feels 

My heart, feels naught tonight.
No feeling felt, no hope or light.
My heart's numb, no wrong or right.
No pain or pleasure, no black, no white.

My heart, feels no thing today,
No colors seen, only grey.
My heart's frozen, icy flay.
No joy or gladness, painful splay.

My heart, feels none, any of you,
No emotions shared, not one clue.
My heart's shut, tight with glue.
No smiles or kisses, aching blue.

My heart, feels, lost and alone.
No tender touch, touch unknown.
My heart's cry, silent groan.
No hugs or holding, no hand's zone.

© 2013 ajwrites57
A Long
❤ ❤ ❤

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