She smiled and sent stars my way.
I floated high on clouds all day.
I drifted past the Milky Way!
I hope I see her everyday.

She blew a kiss in my direction.
I caught it quick; her sweet affection.
Every mirror shows her reflection.
Her two lips are my resurrection

She brushed against my arm. Electric!
Her touch has made me magnetic.
My orbit now is she-concentric.
Around her now I act eccentric.

She spoke my name out loud!
Now my heart feels so proud.
She picked me from the passing crowd.
I wander in a daze; I'm wowed.

She sent a poem in a letter.
Now I know I shan't forget her.
I never can feel any better.
I am now, you see, her love debtor.

© 2013 ajwrites57
A Long

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