Your Love

Your Love

Your love surrounds me like the morning mist, adheres to me, saturates me, inundates my every pore. The sweet breath of your love infiltrates my being, fills my lungs full as I inhale. Your alluring scent refreshes my spirit, revives my lagging being. I’m intoxicated by the fragrance of your love, completely overtaken, overwhelmed, shaken. The fragrant haze of your love hovers over my heart.

The morning breeze of your love cools my heart from the heat of the day. Wisps of your love swirl and entangle me with strands of your love. The wind of your love settles the tempests of life. I’m calmed by a gust of love from your heart. The currents of your love waft toward me and inveigle my heart.

My lips sip the nectar of your love, my tongue luxuriates in the delicious flavors of love. The bouquet of your love, like the sweetest wine, fills my head with powerful visions. I drink from the fountain of your love. I am sated.  I imbibe droplets of liquid, as potent as the finest liquor; they drip from your heart and heal me.

My soul tingles with your love’s touch. Like soft, silky, satin fingers, your love caresses my heart, gently massages my love, into sweet submission. My heart yields to the soft pressure and pleasant efforts of your love. I am perfectly persuaded to mingle, to merge, to meld my heart to your heart. My heart is yours.

© 2013 ajwrites57
A Long
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