Winter's white

Winter's white 

Happy Birthday!
Winter's white on display,
flakes and flurries at play,
give us a snowman today.

Delighted children's glee,
snow-day means school-free,
boots and gloves worn hurriedly.

Sleds and snowballs,
blessed snowfalls,
Jack Frost's fun calls.

Voila! Frosty appears,
amid "Happy Birthday!" cheers
snow rolled up by little dears.

Dreams of "White Christmas",
hope the snow won't miss us.
25th's snow don't dare diss us.

When snow fun disappears,
hot chocolate for us appears,
frozen fingers, frozen ears.

Winter fun can be found,
when there's snow around,
frozen kid's prints on the ground.

© 2013 ajwrites57
A Long

Snowman Image by: mnisbett

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