G+ smiles

G+ smiles

A little bit of wit,
A little bit of humor,
A little bit of cynicism.

Jocularities abound,
innuendos resound,
poetic teasing all around
where this motley crew is found.

Smiling faces, not a frown,
some are up, some are down,
a few Jokers and some Clowns
can be seen in this G+ Town!

Gifs, jpegs, photos, and some memes,
photoshopping--nothing's what it seems!
Kittens, puppies, and horsey screams,
sunshine, rainbows and bright moon beams.

G+ offers much to all,
stock tips, health tips, have a ball,
hangouts, communities, fun for all.
Chat with friends, even call.

A little bit of lols,
a little bit of hahas,
a little bit of sarcasm.

© 2014 ajwrites57
A Long
❤ ❤ ❤

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