Rebirth needed

Rebirth needed

Broken dreams like mirror shattered,
shards of life are blindly scattered.
Hope's frayed like pages, tattered,
forgotten plans, who knows what mattered.

Blackened days walked in woeful gloom,
fire scarred memories, fearful doom.
Four walls crush me, nightmares loom,
keep me captive, like a tomb.

Aimless wanders like wind blown dust,
goals are gathered gleaned and crushed.
Each step stolen, spirit's trussed,
I've had enough, my soul combusts.

Rebirth needed, a search for light,
need to break through light-less night.
Courage gathered, hold on tight,
flaming faith is burning bright.

Smallest embers, celestial spark,
lightning bolts, crack the dark.
Blazing boldness, hits the mark,
glorious future, new paths embark.

© 2014 ajwrites57
A Long
❤ ❤ ❤

Image: By RhiannonDanae

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