Winter Scenes: Winter's way

Winter's way

I have trod on wind swept, 
snow covered lanes.
My boot shod feet 
have marched 
on frozen planes.
Wrapped in fur and wool 
as shield from icy grip.
Winter's way 
welcomes weary pilgrim 
on his trip.

A path worn well 
from hoof and cart,
like a road run through 
my barren, frostbitten heart,
leading to the silent ice-clad stream,
my blood flow's stopped, 
as in a dream.
Pines trees 
whisper in the wind,
heartbeat tells me,
I have sinned.

Lesson's lies, 
my memories haunt,
like frosted lakes, 
drawn and gaunt.
As heat-less sun 
glows on high,
so do daydreams 
vilely taunt.
Hope has flown
like snow-geese migrants,
frosted dreams 
becomes life’s tyrants.

Blizzard blows 
beyond  blue horizons,
as youthful goals 
grow grizzled, wizened.
The past 
has ceased 
like glazed streams, 
the way 

© 2014 ajwrites57
A Long
❤ ❤ ❤ 

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