Empty Heart

Empty Heart

This hollow hall, has seen them all.
Some took a seat along the wall.
The lines of chairs were ready then,
some came and were gone again.
One by one, in they came,
row by row, none the same.

Some brought love, many were friends.
Some swore friendship until the end.
Seats were worn by many stays,
many promised to mend their ways.
On some places lies were spoken,
in other spaces, bonds were broken.

Many have come, few have stayed.
All the games have been played.
Some have left a token on each seat,
some leave memories, bittersweet.
So, many chairs are empty here,
row by row, now, few are here.

This hollow hall, has seen them all,
seats were taken by big and small.
Men and women have left their mark,
the lights unlit, now cold and dark.
Footsteps echo against the walls,
silence reigns, no more footfalls.

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