to places

I drift to places that might be there:

sandy beaches, mountain streams,
far off places, like wistful dreams,
distant lands with golden themes,
glistening maidens, reflect sunbeams,
reality revealed, not what it seems.

✩ ✩ 

I float to places without a care:

soothing fountains, bubbling sounds,
children dancing, to music rounds,
blooming flowers, on garden grounds,
frolicking animals, kittens and hounds,
distant memories, past rebounds.

✩ ✩ 

I sail to places up in the air:

majestic vistas, rainbow hues,
angelic choirs, heavenly news,
ephemeral muse, hearts enthuse,
mystical symbols, meaning transfuse.

✩ ✩ 

© 2014 ajwrites57
A Long
❤ ❤ ❤

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