Maternal Affection
Edward Hodges Baily ~ 1837


Mother's pain in giving birth,
shows the cost of nurture's worth.

Mother molds the little life,
shows how to handle strife.

Mother's heart is full of hope,
shows her child how to cope.

Mother's life is full of care,
shows her child how to share.

Mother's joy to raise a child,
shows the pleasure in her smile.

Mother's power to model strength,
shows a tower in life's length.

Mothers build a comfort nest,
shows the place to find life's rest.

Mothers knows the right and true,
shows the child to carry through.

Mothers model many roles,
shows how to conquer goals.

Mother's words fill child's heart,
shows the courage to live apart.

Mother lives her life for others,
thank the Lord who sent us mothers.

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