tensile travail

tensile travail

for words that whirl restlessly in my mind
collide and rearrange cluttered thoughts 
swirl sideways as i endeavor 
to gather words fit for utterance 
yet they resist the force of my will 
twirling tenuously though my head 
vocabulary gives way to grammar 
as i strain to pull the scattered ideas
together but they pull in perplexing
polar permutations as i struggle 
to rein in the images that 
pull like majestic mighty mares 
moving grandly across the horizon
yet they resist the discipline of my pen 
regarding my efforts disdainfully 
but i press on ingloriously bound 
by the rigors of writing but thinking 
splinters the wound up words that have 
amassed like nimble nimbus clouds 
across the sky resulting in a downpour 
of words that only find their way to the sea
and evaporate and i am left longing 
for words that whirl restlessly in my mind

© 2014 ajwrites57
A Long
❤ ❤ ❤

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