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old friends

old friends

searched online for former friends
surprised to see untimely ends
friends, their spouses, moms and dads
sad to see the deaths they had

the inexorable tick and tock of time,
leads us all to fields, sublime
through twisting, turning hands of fate,
soon we'll all be known as "late"

years roll on, time is passed
no one knows how long it lasts
each life is counted out by days
as friends we oft go separate ways

friend's faces show the lines of age
as each one turns his separate page
fools fleeting time waits for no man
eighty years our lives may span

so count your days with special care
for who knows how, who knows where
our beating hearts will one day stop
find old friends before they drop

© 2014 ajwrites57
A Long
❤ ❤ ❤

Image adapted: By SDRandCo via


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