Sadness Over You

Sadness Over You

Sadness rolls over you, body buoyed by the heavy saltwater, that flows from your eyes. The waves lull you in silence. Ebb and flow pulls you, in and out along the surf and when you land on the sand, the sea foam rises and warms your sadness, and you wipe your eyes.

Sadness closes over you, like a constant fog that fills your head and covers you like a blanket that tucks you in and holds you fast to your bed. Heavy fog lingers and refuses to dissipate, as you lie there, sleepless, and the sandman clogs your eyes with his mocking sand.

Sadness surrounds you like the darkness of a moonless, cloudy night. You stumble over roots and gopher holes in the blackness. Clouds hover and you seek the stars but you only peer further into the black night. Hoped for dawn does not come, as you walk, directionless and sigh, and your eyes never adjust to the darkness.

Sadness fills you like a lukewarm drink, neither hot nor cold and the taste of it has long gone. The liquid neither soothes nor satiates the thirst you possess. Drinking does not satisfy, yet, drink you must. Your cup never empties and yearned for satisfaction never arrives, as your eyes gaze into the bottomless cup.

Sadness stalks you like a stranger in the night and you open every door, every closet, to check for the intruder. You feel his presence yet cannot find him nor banish him from your mind. His breath is at times cool and you shiver, at times hot and you sweat. Heart pounding, you search, yet your eyes never find him in the lightless corners of the house.

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