Summer Scenes: the breeze

the breeze

i am alone. i feel the breeze. after the humid heat of the summer's day,  the cool evening breeze sends me bodily relief, yet, carries an unsettling sense of melancholy. the sun's bright, burning, daytime blaze must always give way to the cool darkness of night, where aloneness weighs heavier on one's silent soul. the weight of the day doubles and trebles with each passing hour, with each star that appears in the sky, with each moonbeam that catches my eye. i see the distant orbs and am reminded of the vast universe. i am small. the tiny specks that are stars sparkle and wink, yet, i am not amused. words sometimes bring comfort but tonight's breeze reminds me that relief is fleeting, for tomorrow's summer sun will give way to yet another summer night. i accept the breeze's soothing consolation from the day's warmth but find no solace in my solitary, summer musings. i feel the breeze. i am alone. 

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