Her Cloud

Her Cloud

She arrived unexpectedly, on her self made cloud,
clothed in her sadness and her hand made shroud
She drifted near in silence, like wispy, wafting smoke,
first I thought I dreamed her, then maybe just a joke.
She shared a smile through her self made mist,
suddenly I realized she appeared for a midnight tryst.

She stretched her female frame on the cushioned cloud,
I gazed at her and thought of something to say aloud.
She put her finger to her pink, full lips, "Shhhh" she hissed.
I thought to my smiling self, "Oh my, those lips need kissed."
She blushed beneath her shroud as my mind she read,
I too blushed as her love-filled words soon filled my head.

She shared sweet thoughts from her white, floating cloud
I listened to her unspoken poems and felt so proud.
She bid me to ascend and share her cloud tonight,
and she promised to unfold unspoken delights.
She made room for me with her eyes all agleam,
I sat up, rubbed my eyes and saw, just a dream.

© 2014 ajwrites57
A Long
❤ ❤ ❤

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