Love's Bad Rap

Love's Bad Rap

You really took me in with your philanthropic urges
that merged with your shallow-hearted love surges.

You tried to claim me like a secondhand table
and you treated our love like a secondhand fable.

Your image, made of plastic I took for fantastic.
My saddened heart does not stretch like elastic.

You turned my sunshine into sullen grey,
and burned my love-heart to ashes today.

You stunned my soul with your sultry essence, 
I mistook your heavenly body for quintessence.

You spread your lies and back-stab slander
and you left me waiting like a bus top stander.

You leave my world broke and battered,
all my love words torn and scattered.

You let me taste your delicious ambrosia.
now I wonder what damn ice has froze ya!

© 2014 ajwrites57
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