Take a Walk With Me

Take a Walk With Me

Slip your hand in mine and let us follow the path to where it may lead.
Nestle close as we meander down the grassy avenue, here and there.
Stroke my fingers, softly, as we take in the sights on our joyful journey.
Brush your silken skin against my arm, as you pull close, while we walk.

Whisper gently the ways you love me, as we stroll in the summer sun.
Let your soft voice lull me, as we saunter, slowly beneath the shady trees.
Speak tender words to me as we amble through the lush, verdant vale.
Say my name, slowly, as we promenade along the stream as it flows, nearby.

Pause with me, to reflect on the treasured moments we share on this blessed path.
Reminisce with me, about how we met, how we fell into this love in which we glory.
Reflect with me, on the pleasures we partake of each moment we are joined, in gladness.
Linger with me longer, on this sweet journey we have chosen to spend forever, together.

© 2014 ajwrites57
A Long
❤ ❤ ❤

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