Rudolph enjoys the Winter Sun,
Frolics in downy snow for fun.
Tries to hide his funny, red nose,
Some have even said: "It glows!"

Little reindeer romps and plays,
chasing snowflakes all the days.
Left out of  the Reindeer Games,
bullies call dear Rudolph names.

Finds his solace in sweet Clarice.
They love the snow and winter's peace.
Igloos made from snow banks, hidden.
They rub their noses. Oh! Fun, forbidden!

A glowing nose is hard to hide.
Rudolph covers in shameful pride.
Nose shines strong in darkest night.
the ruddy glow of reindeer's light.

Christmas comes; so does a storm.
Rudolph's home, safe and warm.
Santa remembers reindeer's light,
knows it may guide safely tonight.

Santa calls for little reindeer's help
to lead his team; deliver Christmas wealth.
Nine reindeer in front of Santa's sleigh,
Rudolph's reined first, to lead the way.

Merry Christmas to all this winter's night,
Rudolph's nose saves the day's delight.
Enjoy your nice gifts and fancy toys,
Be good next year, Girls and Boys!

© 2014 ajwrites57
A Long
🎅⛄ 🎄

Santa and Rudolph image by: narcosislabs

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