Christmas Ready

Santa's elves are hardly nappin'.
Their tools and toes are wildly tappin'.
Somethin' great is gonna happen!

Santa's checkin' both his lists.
His heart is torn by naughty twists.
Someone's gonna get some gifts.

Santa's elves are ultra busy.
Their workshop's in such a tizzy.
Somethin' makes them all quite dizzy!

Santa's counted all the toys.
His presents set for good girls and boys.
Someone's gonna be full of Christmas joys.

Santa's elves keep such fast pace.
Their arms and legs run like in a race.
Somethin's goin' on in this place!

Santa's packed his magic sleigh.
His reindeer wait for the word "Away'!
Someone's ready for Christmas Day!

Santa's elves are fully flyin'.
Their hearts and minds are truly tryin'.
Somethin's comin' on the horizon!

Santa's off to do his duty.
His sleigh full of Christmas booty.
Someone's loves the Christmas beauty!

Santa, elves and reindeer are ready.
Boys and girls feel quite heady.
Christmas Day is here already!

© 2014 ajwrites57

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