she does scrimshaw

she des scrimshaw

she does scrimshaw on roses,
her velvety touch,
she does marvelous work
maybe a little too much
she uses red ones and white ones
and pink ones too
you'd be amazed at the carving that she can do
she engraves love symbols, like hearts and flowers
she can do this so long, for hours and hours

she started her scroll-work in another place, too
lately she carves on my heart,
what can i do?
my heart trembles and shivers
when she sculpts away
she's taken to doing this everyday
she carefully, softly, carves with her scrimshander's art
i can feel the markings when we're apart
deftly, her fine tools carve and create
i sit still for her artwork, no matter how late

she's engraved her name in the center, so deep
she said it's forever, it's there for keeps
i never objected and i never will
her artistry enthralls me
her love ever fills

© 2015 ajwrites57
A Long
❤ ❤ ❤

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