you never knew

you never knew 

you never knew that i loved you
i watched you make your every move
you never knew my heart was yours
i wrote you love letters every day
you never saw them, they were never sent

you passed me in the hallway at school
i melted into a puddle of awe and bliss
you never knew i dissolved this way 
i went to the mall to smell your perfume 
you never knew i loved the way you smelled

you never saw the image i had of you
i couldn't draw but i drew pictures of you everyday
you never knew i knew your face by heart
i memorized the way your lips curled into a smile
you never knew i loved your smile

you never knew i was so sad when went with him
i wished that was me by your side instead
you never knew how good i'd treat you
i saw him flirt with girls behind your back
you never knew how faithful i would be

you never knew i had a photo of you on my wall
i gazed at your yearbook photos for hours on end
you never knew i took a photo from your brother 
i wished i is was in those photographs with you
you never knew i still dream of your face at night

© 2015 ajwrites57
A Long
❤ ❤ ❤

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