...cloud like a dream

...cloud like a dream

...the breeze slowly pushes you on your cloud and she by drifts on a cloud like a dream and floats through your mind as you watch the day sail by and she smiles and waves on her billowy couch and you smile and your heart begins to race and you suddenly realize her smile is etched into your eyes and your thoughts are surrounded by her image and your heart is branded by her sweet searing smile and you search for the cloud she smiled from and all the clouds look the same and you wish that your cloud could merge with hers and her smile would be with you forever face to face and you frown but her smile you see when you close your eyes makes you smile again and your heart beats faster but aches because her smile has left a scar there and you feel her smile and your heart picks up pace and you wait with longing and hope for her cloud to sail by again with her on her billowy couch and the breeze slowly pushes you on your cloud like a dream...

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