spectral kiss

spectral kiss

the silent echo of a forgotten kiss
fills my heart with trembling bliss
the surge of love felt from your lips
reflects old feelings of love's eclipse

passion's image of days long gone
my broken heart has not moved on 
velvet kiss's remembered touch
from memory's lips, mean so much

subtle pressure from your sweet lips
of which i drank long, deep sips
heartbeats count them, one by one
from rising moon to setting sun

the soothing pleasure of phantom kiss
the velvety glory that my lips miss
the tender texture of emotion's heights
haunt me now in darkest nights

pulsing pleasures from tender lips
ancient memories through time, slips
each kiss that my memory holds
are lost to me now as time unfolds

where we were to where are we now
shields us from time's fleeting prow
the vessel that bore us with each kiss
has shipwrecked our love's eternal bliss

© 2015 ajwrites57

A Long
❤ ❤ ❤

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