I miss the most

I miss the most

velvet heart, moonlight kiss
tender passion, what I miss
satin sweetness, warm embrace
flowing feelings, just a trace
silky shyness, pleasure full
porcelain skin, memory's pull
feathery touch, fingertip's play
magic massages, remember the way
furry warmth, cuddle cliche
cozy positions, wish we could stay
downy hair, smothering waves
love to drown, mouth-to-mouth saves
buttery kisses, sensual taste
no left-overs, none to waste
peach fuzz cheeks, sunshine light
smoothest legs, night delight
butterfly kisses, fluttering close
all these things, I miss the most

© 2015 ajwrites57
A Long

Image by Nik Platthy via flickr creativecommons: 

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