Life Without Color

Someone asked, "What would your life be without color?" I answered, 

"My life would be pallid and pale without color. 
Each day would be drab, dreary and dismal. 
There'd be no primary colors, no rainbows, 
no yellow sunshine, no red-blue-yellow sunsets 
and no white clouds. No white snow or black storm clouds. 
I'd walk in an indistinct and neutral existence. 
No green trees, no green grass, no blue seas, no blue skies, 
would leave me cheerless and dry. My face would not turn red 
with anger or embarrassment. My face would not turn white 
with fear or pain. I'd not grow green with envy. 
Nothing would be just black and white. 
My life would be full of motionless emotion, 
if there were no color.

© 2013 ajwrites57

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